Since 1990, Lord Chaz & Dark Theatre Productions have presented paranormal street theatre for locals and visitors to enjoy routes through the city while experiencing mystery and magic as veteran tour guides describe and act out the haunted, historical events.


Although these spooky tours do not always produce a gut-wrenching, blood-curdling screaming reaction, you may catch paranormal phenomena on your cameras or phones and experience something freaky!


Lord Chaz Tours is unique in its daytime and nightly walking tours because Lord Chaz, the owner and master guide, creates a theatrical show while dressed as a New Orleans vampire.


“Lord Chaz dresses in full costume,” says Joshua Howell, brother of Lord Chaz. “He tells different stories and follows different routes, so people can hear new stories as well as their favorite scary ones.”


A theatrical troupe of tour guides now follow in Lord Chaz’s footsteps, inviting mystery and magic along their individual routes as they describe and act out the haunted, historical events of New Orleans’ past.

The history of New Orleans is a powerful generator of literature and lore. Whether gleaning towards danger or depravity, the city has a sense of humor in its history, and while this city may have suffered through turmoil and terror, there’s still a good time to be had by all. The tour guides capture this sense of irony in their storytelling by telling its legends and lore through an unforgettable journey in the actual streets of the Vieux Carré (a.k.a. the French Quarter).


In a city filled with tragic events, from blazing file to battle foe, from furious storm to fatal epidemic, New Orleans has endured 300 years of grim and ghastly death. So much concentrated death in one location can keep the spirits unsettled even in the afterlife. Therefore, New Orleans is considered the most haunted city in all North America. And it’s no wonder! In a city that never sleeps, even the dead can’t rest in peace!


The city’s soul is frequently examined by curiosity-seekers and inquisitive explorers, be it researchers, writers, or daily tourists, we are all drawn into its insurmountable speculative ghosts and ghouls haunting New Orleans from tombstone to townhouse. Come join us, if you dare!​​